Thank you for your interest in joining Machinum, we are always looking out for dedicated members to join our ranks. We provide a friendly community filled with guidance and support.

We aim to make our members game play as enjoyable as possible, and will assist you finding ideal role within the corporation.

Below is a brief breakdown of what we offer:

  • Active corporation leadership
  • Members with varying range of interests with a wealth of knowledge
  • T2 Industrial powerhouse, capable of providing affordable items and aiding you with your own business ventures
  • Extensive moon portfolio providing constant belts to mine
  • Small focused PVP core
  • Relaxed and non-demanding environment

    We have a small list of requirements in order for you to join us:

  • Sign up to corp / alliance IT services
  • Engagement with corp activities and members
  • Ability to listen on comms (Mumble/Discord) when needed
  • Die hard attitude
  • Willingness to learn and carve your own history in Eve Online!

Feel free to join our recruitment channel ‘MAC10 Recruit’ in-game to speak with one of our recruiters.