Machinum is an experienced industrial corporation founded on smaller corporations banding together to make something great. Over a relatively short space of time Machinum established itself as a leading producer and distributor of tech two ships, modules and fuel production throughout our space.

Machinum has established an impressive portfolio of strutures providing many services to pilots within our nullsec region. Currently based in Immensea as part of the Evictus Alliance under the Legacy coalition.

While Machinum is self titled as an Industrial corporation; there is much more depth than just that. Our director positions are filled by competent leaders with years of experience. They have managed successful operations across many regions and multiple enduring war campaigns, meaning Machinum pilots can often be found on the front lines in defensive and offensive fleets against our enemies.



Ex..pher.. what?

Jaque en Bludclart

Finest Moustache Winner

Capt Arries
Head Recruiter

Dreams of living in a Truck

Dr Rocc
reactor king

Shh!.. Not a doctor